You are the Government

In a democracy, the people are the decision-makers.  If you live in Canada and are a Canadian citizen, you are a decision-maker.  Sometimes, though, we may not quite feel that way.  We may vote once every election cycle but leave the act of governing to those representatives that end up getting elected.  Often, we don’t keep on top of everything they are doing.  We’re busy.  Sometimes we hear they are doing something we don’t agree with.  In that case, we might be motivated to give our representative a piece of our mind, maybe even attend a protest.  Most of the time, though, we keep our opinion to ourself and take a fatalistic view that nothing we do will change the outcome.

The truth is that the average Canadian is very powerful.  Voting is important, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.  You have the freedom of expression and the freedom of peaceful assembly.  You have over 30 million compatriots that care about living under the rule of law and will listen to reasonable arguments.  Whereas in other countries, citizens need to arm themselves and risk their lives to influence their country’s direction, all you really need to do is show that you care.

This blog is about building an even better democracy.  If you think it’s useful, come back often.  If you don’t agree with it, I’d love to exchange ideas.  The philosopher Joseph de Maistre first said “Toute nation a le gouvernment qu’elle mérite.” (Every nation gets the government it deserves.)  I started this blog today because I think we deserve the best.

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